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Cycling to the University

Get to campus and stay fit at the same time

We provide a range of bike-friendly facilities to make it as easy as possible to choose pedal power over horsepower.


Sustainability is one of our core values, and in keeping with that, we encourage students, visitors and staff to cycle rather than drive to campus.

It’s not just better for the environment, it’s great for your personal health and fitness, and saves you money.

There are dozens of secure bicycle parking stations across our campuses. To find one, look up the relevant campus map and tick the 'Bike parking' box under the Amenities menu.


Over 200 for-hire dockless bikes from various operators have been deployed across Camperdown and Darlington offering a sustainable, affordable and healthy way to travel.


Each bike uses a mobile app and QR code pay system to hire. Rates may vary depending on the operator.

You can jump on an unused bike at any time and use it to go anywhere you like, either on campus or off. While you can park the bikes anywhere, please be considerate and dismount in designated zones or near existing bike racks – do not leave them in places where they could be hazardous for pedestrians or impede accessibility.

If you see a bike causing obstruction or posing a hazard, contact the operator of the bike or Campus Security on 02 9351 3333.


  • Observe all road rules, including speed limits. These apply on the University grounds.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way. Please ride slowly and be aware of others in high traffic zones. 
  • Always wear a helmet. It's compulsory in Australia.
  • Indicate clearly when you’re about to change direction, using hand signals.
  • Ensure your bike has front and rear lights for use at night and has a red rear reflector.
  • Have a working bell or horn on your bike, and don’t be shy about using it to warn other road users and pedestrians of your presence.
  • Visit sydneycycleways to download a Sydney cycling map, or order a printed copy. It sets out parking spots and the most efficient and safest cycling routes, helping you avoid traffic-heavy or dangerous roads.
  • The City of Sydney offers free cycling courses to help you maintain your bike, with tips on how to share the road with car drivers and pedestrians.
  • Park in designated areas. Bicycles parked elsewhere may be removed to the security office in the Services Building (G12) on Codrington Street if they pose a safety risk to pedestrians or property.
  • When you park, use a good quality D-bolt lock to secure your bike, and don't leave your helmet behind.


  • Some University buildings offer showers and lockers. This is very handy if you want to cool off after a morning ride, and store your toiletries and clothing. Find showers at the Cumberland Campus.
  • A bike repair station is located outside the Chemistry Building on Eastern Avenue. This is a self-service bicycle repair station with an air pump, allen wrenches, screw drivers and tyre levers. 
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